2018 Nairda Lyne Award

For a story suitable for children aged 8 to 12.

First Prize and Hobart Bookshop Prize for the best Tasmanian entry: ‘Ruby Two-Shoes and the Dragon who came for Breakfast’ by Gina Mercer, TAS



Jacqueline Cooke Short Story Award

No prizes were awarded.

Norma & Colin Knight Poetry Award

1st Prize: ‘Maria Island grazing’ by Fran Graham

2nd Prize: ‘The Giddy Galahs Circus’ by Joan Parker

3rd Prize: ‘At Sati’s before going to mind my father’ by Fran Graham

Commended: Ben Walter & Edith Speers

Barney Roberts Non-fiction Award

No outright winner.

2nd Prize: ‘Faulty towers – French style’ by Penny Garnsworthy

Eqyal 3rd Prize: ‘Tackling Takayama’ by Penny Garnsworthy & ‘Bovine Encounters’ by Shirley Burke.

Thanks to Leigh Swinbourne, Karen Knight and John Biggs for judging the competitions.


FAW Tasmania 2017 Poetry Prize

1st Prize:  ‘ Autumn conversations, for Pippa’  by Angela O’Rourke

2nd Prize:  ‘From Hobart Town Sketches’  by Graeme Hetherington

Commended:  Laurinda Blow, Fran Graham, Graeme Hetherington, Angela O’Rourke, Edith Speers, and Janice Williams

Thanks to Anne Kellas for judging the competition.


2017 FAW Tasmania Henry Savery National Short Story Award

1st Prize: ‘Ducks, wild and otherwise’ by Jodie Kewley, Red Hill South VIC

2nd Prize: ‘Home’ by Brenda Crane, Glen Osmond SA

Commended: Rosie Barter, Beaconsfield WA

Thanks to Jane Williams for judging the competition.